Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Long time no type...

Wow I really am bad at remembering to write this!  Well, a few things have happened since I last posted....not surprising as it has been over a year!!! 

I have nearly finished uni!  5 weeks and counting.  Did a presentation on Monday and now only have an exam to go.  I have an essay too but I am halfway through that.  5 weeks...i cannot believe it.  I only came to swansea to start studying 8 years ago HA HA.

I have pretty much nothing to do in work at the moment so have been using the time to do my uni work.  Half an hour til hometime.  Going to the gym straight from work, though I really fancy just going home and eating loads and loads of chocolate.  But i haven't got any :( and i purposely left my purse at home so I couldn't buy any too :( unless I go home and get my purse and then go to the shop....but then that is bad as I have sacked off the gym AND eaten the chocolate....See why I have not written here for ages?  Far too many pointless internal arguments going on.

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