Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Long time no type...

Wow I really am bad at remembering to write this!  Well, a few things have happened since I last posted....not surprising as it has been over a year!!! 

I have nearly finished uni!  5 weeks and counting.  Did a presentation on Monday and now only have an exam to go.  I have an essay too but I am halfway through that.  5 weeks...i cannot believe it.  I only came to swansea to start studying 8 years ago HA HA.

I have pretty much nothing to do in work at the moment so have been using the time to do my uni work.  Half an hour til hometime.  Going to the gym straight from work, though I really fancy just going home and eating loads and loads of chocolate.  But i haven't got any :( and i purposely left my purse at home so I couldn't buy any too :( unless I go home and get my purse and then go to the shop....but then that is bad as I have sacked off the gym AND eaten the chocolate....See why I have not written here for ages?  Far too many pointless internal arguments going on.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pre-Work Stress!

Un disastro this morning.  I was getting changed after the gym and while zipping up my top (it has a long zip down one side of my ribs) I caught the fabric in it and broke the zip...leaving me with a gaping hole in my side. 

There is no way I could have worn the top to work like I had to wait for the shops to open so I could buy a new one.  And guess what...I couldnt find anything I liked or that was didn't help that my bra today is bright pink so I couldn't even try some lighter clothes on!

Finally found something after 30mins but am still feeling resentful towards it as I did not want to buy it!

I waited 50 minutes until 9am, wasted 1 hr 15 minutes flexi time by being late for work should have been there at 8.30, and spent £12 I haven't really got.  GAH.  Not a good start.
It is lucky I had money in my account to buy a new top or I would have had to wear my coat in the office all day! 

I am going to bring an emergency top to work and leave it in my desk to avoid future disasters.  I always wonder what would happen if I forgot my trousers or something.....I'd have to get the bus all the way back home in my sweaty gym clothes and then all the way back into town...would be a nightmare! 

Perhaps I shall leave emergency trousers in desk too............

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

5 days til sun, sea and....street parties!

Over a month since I last my holiday is in 5days!!!  Gran Canaria here we come!

Found out today that next week is CARNIVAL WEEK in Playa Del Ingles which is where we are staying woooooo!  See this video:
All day/night street parties, parades, drag queen competitions and at some point a paella to feed 2000 people!
My hair is now blonde!  Thanks to the wondeful hairdressers at Boosh, Swansea.  They have performed a total miracle on my hair since last summer.  It was very dark brown, almost black, but over a few sessions they have managed to make it first brown, by cleansing it then dying it (this is a nice sounding way of saying they stripped it) then gradually blonder through highlights.  It looks natural too because the highlights are so thin and carefully done....nothing like when I tried to bleach my own hair in the first year of uni...gaaah total disaster....and when I tried to give myself highlights and ended up with obviously stripey hair. 
Oh I could sit here for days and tell you of all my hair dye emergencies and disasters. more!  I am staying with the professionals now!
It sounds like my poor hair should be ragged with all the stripping, dying and bleaching but it is actually in really good condition.  Can't recommend Boosh highly enough!  Each time I've left there I've been really pleased.
I have been really good going to the gym 5 days a week before work since January but now I am sitting in bed with the left over Christmas tub of Roses next to me :)
As always I have eaten too many and now feel sick!  Put the tin AWAY girl.
5 days 5 days!!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

New Passport!

Today I have managed to sort out my passport (at long last), "Hooray!" I hear my mother cry!  But GOD is it not expensive?? 
Mine hadn't expired in the sense that the date wasn't up until 2014, however it had pretty much physically expired. 
It looks like it has been through the washing machine, been bitten by a dog, been swilled around in a swamp etc etc....

Like an idot I have been carrying my passport around in my bag for the last 3 or 4 years.  Most people who sensibly keep their passports in a safe drawer or maybe even in a special passport cover or case will be wondering if I am mad..... 
It turns out that yes, I probably am mad as it has resulted in me having to pay this extortionate amount of money 3 years before I would have needed to when my passport expired. 

Not that I am not GLAD to be rid of the pasty faced picture of a hungover and overweight teenager...Ok so in my new photo I look like a scruffy tramp, as my casually windswept updo came across on the photo as more like I couldn't be arsed to brush my hair rather than the fashionable hairdo I thought I wore, but hey, at least the tramp is 3 stone lighter.

Anyway, you may be wondering why I chose to carry this expensive and valuable document around in my bag for all these years?  Good question, I am wondering that myself.  I use it for ID for when I buy wine or go to pub or never know when these opportunities will present themselves, right?

Well why didn't I get a provisional licence?  It is cheaper and easier to replace....well I did have one once, but I lost it when I lost my purse in Ayia Napa when I was 18. 


So why didn't I have some sort of Proof of Age Card?  Oh but I did!  I lost that when I lost my purse in Glastonbury 2008.

Theme here?

So anyway I decided that "just for now" I would use my passport as ID.  Yes I am 25 but I get ID'd a lot ok??  Not just for wine either, but for lottery, cigarettes and once for a packet of razors. 

You see my need for constant ID?

It is amazing I have never lost my passport considering how my other forms of ID have met their demise.  Oh but wait....I did lose my passport once!  But fortunately got it returned to me although I did have to go out in the rain with a hangover to get it...shouldn't complain though.

Anyway, as it has been in my bag it has been rained on, scuffed over and over again as I rootle around in my bag for stuff, had beef stew spilt on it, had drinks spilt on it when I spill drinks in my bag.
Anyway it was time for a new one as I have had a few comments at the airport, nothing serious but as I am going away a few times this year I do not want to risk being told I cannot fly!  The laminate had come away from the photo page in the corner and apparently that can mean refusal.

So to make sure I can go on my girly holiday to Gran Canaria next month I have applied for a new one and paid for a 2 week service just to be sure.  Bloody bloody expensive though. 

Also, mine isn't quite as bad as the picture, it does not have any ripped pages...although was probably only a matter of time! 
I do not want to be like this man:

And my passport looked worse than his definitely.  Looks like I have been lucky over the last few years being able to go anywhere, especially as I have been travelling on Ryan Air!

At least when they send me the old one back I can continue to use it for ID and spill beef stew and drinks on it and keep the new one in a safe drawer or maybe in a special holder like someone who really looks after their valuable and expensive documents.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Marketer's dream

GAAH.  Second (and thankfully last) exam today at 12pm. 

Have been revising my head off, in between eating consoling chocolates and buying benefit make up as a "reward" for work I haven't yet done.  What?!

I am now waiting not so patiently for my purchases to arrive which will give me flawless glowing skin.......yes I believe the gimmicks. 

Being a marketing student this makes me even more of a sucker because I know exactly what tricks they are using to get us to BUY! BUY! BUY! and I fall for it hook, line and sinker all the time.  And I love it!!

To quote from some cosmetics company or other that I have come across in my revision, "In the factory we make cosmetics.  In the drugstore we sell hope."  Too true!

I am waiting for Benefit Benetint - a liquid blusher which is "the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle" har har insert slutty remark here...and Dr Feel Good  - "A creamy complexion enhancer" or something like that bla bla. 

I am probably a marketers dream.  Hopefully this will help me today and my battering of my bank balance will not have been in vain all these years!

Anyway, should be going back over my notes.................

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Thank you Jebus

Revision. @|'fgg\|+mhgf"@kk!!!!!!

Brand new unworn Ugg boots on advert mail for £50.  Waaaaahh!!! 
Perhaps a reward from Jebus for starting revision??

Spent all morning in work revising for my Marketing exam which is on Tuesday.  So far I have revised about a quarter of what i need to know...for this subject.  If the correct questions come up....we answer 3 questions out of 6.

Lecturer 1 said "Just revise 3 topics out of the 6 really well and write down a model answer to remember and then just adapt it to fit the question."

Lecturer 2 said "Only revising 3 is the worst mistake you could make.  You are asking to fail"


Well as it happens I agree with lecturer 2, cos if I only revise 3 and cannot answer one of the questions I will be stuck cos will not have revised anything else.  So now I have do revise everything for all 6.  GOD.

Also have accounting to revise this weekend. 100%.  Not good.  Dividend Policy anyone??  Soft and Hard Rationing??  Calculating the Internal Rate of Return?? This is how I will be spending my precious and treasured weekend.

But not as much to learn for Accounting as for Marketing due to half of the question being a calculation, which I think I know how to do.  Better practice a couple of times though.  Cannot wait for them to be over...

Now for the reward....

I nearly spent £200 on a pair of Ugg boots before Christmas, but am glad I didn't now as before lunch had an email from advert mail saying one of the lecturers is selling a pair of Uggs, unworn, £50!!  Total bargain.  I just had to. 
My current comfy boolts that I wear have no grip so even walking in the rain I am sliding everywhere.
As I may have mentioned, I do not need any extra help in falling over!!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Boring Hour


Isn't that the worst time when you are at work?  Long enough after lunch so that you think it should be later...but still 2 and a half hours away from hometime.  Bang in the middle.  Limbo.  The Boring Hour - between 2.30 and 3.30 yaaaawn.  At least when it gets to 3.30 I can start looking forward to going home at 5.

Mikes parents are away in Bath for the night so we have the house to ourselves, I am going to be putting fake tan on and giving mike a fashion parade of my dresses to decide which to wear tomorrow.  Not in that order.  Lucky boy no??